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When is a Personalised Cartoon the Best Gift to Give?

May 15, 2023

When looking for the perfect gift to mark an occasion, especially for a close friend or relative, people tend to opt for something that is unique and memorable. Personalised cartoon gifts, therefore, have become quite popular, as they are a truly one-of-a-kind present that can be customised to highlight shared memories. 

But when exactly is a customised cartoon gift or a customised caricature gift the right choice? Here are some occasions on which you might want to gift someone a personalised cartoon, along with some ideas on how to make sure the cartoon suits the occasion.


A birthday is perhaps the ideal occasion for a customised caricature gift. On the special day someone is celebrating their life, why not give them a cartoonised version of themselves, with all their unique quirks highlighted? You can ask the cartoonist to draw the subject in a fun, lighthearted manner, while incorporating their hobbies and interests into the artwork too! 

This will highlight how well you know that person, while giving them a good laugh, and  something interesting to feature in their home or office. Customised caricature gifts are steroids on line particularly ideal for milestone birthdays, such as someone’s 50th.

Retirement Parties 

The retirement of a colleague, especially one who has been a long standing employee, can sometimes be a bit of a downer. A personalised cartoon gift is a great way to lighten the mood a little while giving them something they can keep forever to remember the good times at the office. 

The cartoonist can incorporate something the retiree is known for at work, such as their sense of style, or biting wit, and even draw any accolades they won during their tenure. This will make the gift all the more meaningful to someone who is an industry veteran, as they will always be able to fondly reminisce on several shared experiences, as well as recount them to their new coworkers.


While it is tradition to give the lucky couple something from their wedding gift registry, getting them a personalised cartoon gift in addition would be sure to leave them delighted. The gift can be made all the more meaningful by asking the cartoonist to include their shared hobbies and passions in the drawing. 

Alternatively, if you are a close friend of the couple, you could go a step further and order a cartoon that depicts a key moment when they began dating. This would really make the gift memorable, as the couple would be reminded of their early days together whenever they see your gift in their home!


Anniversaries are another occasion where personalised cartoon gifts would make a great fit. Similar to a wedding, they provide an opportunity to showcase a couple’s love story and their lasting commitment. 

Some out-of-the-box ideas for a personalised cartoon gift include providing the cartoonist with a reference image from a trip the couple took together, or asking that they be depicted as characters from their favourite TV show. This will be a hit, especially among couples that love to share lots of laughs together.


Getting through college can be a challenging task in some cases, with students often having to live in dormitories and slugging through all those last-minute assignments. A personalised cartoon gift is a fun way to appreciate the accomplishment of graduation while laughing off the struggles that come with that rite of passage. 

To make the gift more memorable, you can ask the cartoonist to depict the graduate in their chosen field in a funny manner – think of a biologist as Dr. Frankenstein, or a finance graduate as the Wolf of Wall Street. Let your imagination run wild, and it will surely pay off!

Corporate Gifts

A friend or colleague may have finally gotten that promotion they had been eyeing, or you might have landed a profitable deal with a close client of yours. Occasions such as these are a great opportunity to give a personalised cartoon gift that they can display on their desk for years to come. A personalised cartoon is also typically considered to be an appropriate gift in a corporate context, as it is not too extravagant for a professional exchange. 

Delight Your Friends and Loved Ones With Personalised Cartoon Gifts by Caricaturist! 

As you can see, there are several occasions when a personalised cartoon would make a great gift. The key is to find the right cartoonist who can incorporate the elements you want in the cartoon to make it all the more special. This is where Caricaturist comes in. Whether it is a customised cartoon gift or a customised caricature gift that you’re looking for, our artists will consider your input to create something that is sure to put smiles on people’s faces.

Having created countless memorable gifts over the years, you can trust our artists at Caricaturist to hit the mark when it comes to celebrating an occasion. Take a look at some of the whimsical cartoon gifts we’ve created for our clients and give us a call anytime to start working on your own. The wackier the idea, the better!

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