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Tips and Tricks for Comic Drawing Beginners

Jun 22, 2023

If you enjoy reading comics, chances are high that you have a dream of being able to create your own comic one day. This is only natural; the visual appeal of comics tends to inspire readers to think of putting out their own ideas in comic form. However, going through the journey of becoming a comic creator might seem daunting unless you have access to comic drawing classes near you to help you get started. 

Still, there are a few basic tips and tricks that can help you take your first steps towards drawing comics, even before starting any comic drawing lessons. Whether you want to create a simple webtoon, or dream of joining a large-scale publisher, you have to start somewhere.  Let us provide you with some essential tips. 

Begin With the Plot 

What do epic, multiple-issue comics and four-panel comic strips have in common? A storyline. This is the most important part of your comic – without a story for people to follow, they will only be looking at pretty artwork. The story doesn’t need to be a breathtaking, suspense-filled study of the human condition either; for comics, even something lighthearted and simple works well if told right. 

Another key benefit of plotting out your story in advance is that you will know what needs to fill each panel to drive it forward. A comic needs to combine dialogue and action as creatively as possible, and having your story outlined will allow you to do this. 

Craft Relatable Characters

Whether you’re writing a comic about a teenager in high school, an alien in outer space, or a piece of toast that can talk, you need to make sure your characters are relatable to your audience. When it comes to creating art, it is always best to work off your own experiences, so try to base the personalities of your characters on people you know. You could give them specific quirks, such as an irrational fear of small birds, to make them stand out further in the reader’s mind. 

You’ll also need to get their appearance right, which is where cartoon art drawing techniques will come into play. Using rough guidelines to get the correct body proportions and perspective is a must if you’re starting out, while there are some advanced tips that can make your character more memorable. For instance, a lot of comics and video games give their lead characters a red scarf or shawl that makes them stand out. The opportunity to learn and understand such principles is what makes enrolling in comic drawing classes so useful for mastering comic drawing.

Start Storyboarding 

Once you have a steady plot and interesting characters to go through it with, you should start storyboarding. In this step, you will set out what takes place in each panel, how many characters are in it, any dialogue that may be included, etc. Once you have a rough storyboard ready, you will be able to look at how your comic flows from start to finish and see if anything needs to be added or removed. 

Not paying enough attention to this step might leave you in a position where you need to adjust panels while you draw them, which can have an impact on your storyline. Storyboarding will also allow you to make exciting transitions between panels and pages, which is especially useful when drawing larger comics. In the case of smaller comic strips or webtoons, a storyboard will give you a rough idea of whether your concepts and jokes are landing as intended.

Polish Your Drawings

This is where the drawing work begins; after your storyboard is complete, it is only a matter of drawing the final artwork and adding dialogue for your comic to be ready. However, this will require you to be familiar with standard drawing techniques to make sure you achieve a refined output. If you are creating simple comic strips, chances are high that you will be able to manage with the skills you have (if you practice drawing regularly), but more advanced comics will require mastering new skills. 

There is no easy shortcut to doing this. Becoming familiar with aspects like body proportions, facial expressions, dramatic dialogue, camera perspectives, and more will take considerable time and effort. This is why you should consider enrolling in comic drawing classes, or watching as many videos online as you can. At the same time, you will need to keep practicing your drawing skills until you are confident in your artwork. However, once you have honed these skills, you will find it easy to translate your ideas into art.

Create Stunning Comics with Caricaturist’s Comic Drawing Classes

Becoming a comic drawing expert requires patience and effort; no skill can be mastered overnight. However, with comic drawing lessons, you can ensure that you gradually progress towards your goal with the help of experts who have already undertaken this journey. The structured lessons and feedback you receive will be invaluable in developing your skills as an artist, while you will also be able to connect with other comic artists to exchange ideas and gain inspiration.

If you’re looking for effective comic drawing lessons in Singapore, Caricaturist is the ideal partner for you. Our artists will guide you through the process of learning how to turn your story concepts into visually appealing comics. Contact us now!

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