One Rochester Restaurant, 3 Caricaturists for Aviva, 26 September 2013

Idyllic ambiance with pure caricature entertainment!
Set in a western part of Singapore, One Rochester restaurant offers a unique dining experience for all diners. Its lush landscape and relaxing ambiance offers respite to hardworking professionals after a long day of work.

We are deeply honored and and privileged to be invited by Aviva to draw and entertain their employees. Not only did they had a great and sumptuous dinner, they had lots of laughter.
The element of suspense brought forth by the 3 caricaturists, create exhilarating excitement and anticipations on what’s the caricaturists are going to portray.

Surprised, smiles and then soulful laughter – that’s what we wanted to create!
A little tactful teasing, some humorous jokes and cartoon drawing blended well together to provide the ultimate caricature experiences that the guests can have.

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