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A Quick Guide to Basic Techniques Taught at Caricature Drawing Classes

Jun 22, 2023

Caricature drawing is a unique and interesting art form that turns real-life people into distorted cartoons, producing pieces that can be fun and entertaining or even provide deeper social commentary. However, mastering caricatures requires a slightly different set of skills compared to typical cartoon drawings, which is why caricature drawing classes are a good idea if you want to get into this field. 

At a caricature class, a professional caricaturist will help you familiarise yourself with the basic techniques required to produce caricature art, while helping you develop your unique art style. Here are a few of the common caricature techniques that typical caricature art classes in Singapore will help you master.

Noticing Your Subject’s Prominent Features

The most important part of creating caricatures is the ability to study your subject closely to pick out their most prominent features and personality traits. This is something that most caricature classes will cover first, even before moving on to drawing techniques. 

You will need to take a good look at the person you are portraying, starting with their facial features. The visual features that most often stand out will be the shape of their head and nose, the shape of their eyebrows and forehead, and their lips and facial hair. Studying these features will allow you to decide which of these should be highlighted in the caricature in such a way that the subject is easily recognisable. 

A good caricaturist will also be able to notice elements such as a person’s posture or their usual pose and capture them in the artwork. In many cases, the subject’s hobbies and personality can be incorporated into the caricature to make it even more relatable, so it is important that the artist is able to understand the person they are portraying. Developing this artistic eye is thus one of the most important skills that you will be able to learn at a caricature art class in Singapore.

Highlighting and Ignoring the Right Aspects 

A caricature, unlike a typical portrait, should not look exactly like the subject. Instead, it should be a distorted portrayal that exaggerates some of their features without making it hard to recognise them. This is why, once you have learned how to notice the features of your subject, the next skill that will be covered at a caricature drawing class is how much to exaggerate or downplay these features. 

For instance, a person’s long nose or receding hairline could be made even more obvious in their caricature’s portrayal. However, going over the top on one feature, or trying to exaggerate too many features could result in the caricature losing the essence of the subject and becoming less recognisable. At a caricature drawing class, experienced caricaturists will be able to teach you how to strike the right balance in this regard to ensure your caricatures turn out just right.

Using Perspective and Proportions

Using a different perspective is especially useful for beginner caricaturists to overcome any particular difficulties they may have with drawing techniques. For instance, you might initially find it difficult to draw a subject within a setting, in which case you can stick to simpler, forward-facing caricatures until you are able to visualise your art from a three-dimensional perspective. 

Similarly, playing around with proportions can help you draw attention to features that you are able to draw more accurately while reducing focus on others. If you find it difficult to draw eyes, for example, you could use a larger nose or chubbier cheeks so that you do not need to add too much detail to the eyes. Of course, over time, you will be able to master these techniques at caricature drawing classes, after which you can use perspectives and proportions to add even more depth to your artwork.

Basing Your Art on Templates and Simple Shapes 

When starting out as a caricaturist, it will be helpful to first look at a few pictures of your subject from different angles before you begin drawing. You can use one of these pictures as a template when you start, creating a rough sketch on top of the original photograph before exaggerating or oversimplifying any features. This will help you become familiar with the contours of your subject and help your artwork retain its likeness.

Once your rough sketch is done, you will want to turn the complex lines into more simple shapes, such as a square for someone with a wide chin or a triangle for someone with a sharp nose. Using these simple shapes will help you easily highlight such features while giving your artwork more consistency and a striking visual aesthetic. Attending caricature drawing classes will give you further insight into how you can add more complex details that are still based on simple shapes. 

Caricature Drawing Classes With the Experts at Caricaturist 

A caricature drawing class will cover the above techniques and ensure that you are familiar with them to the point where you apply them as a natural part of your process. However, when choosing a caricature class in Singapore, you should ensure that you are being taught by experienced caricaturists who are recognised in the field. This way, you will not only learn the required techniques, but also benefit from their expert insights.

This makes Caricaturist your best choice for caricature classes in Singapore. We’ve created countless whimsical caricatures for clients to celebrate all sorts of occasions and have also helped several budding artists bring out their talent. Contact us now and let us schedule your lessons to take you to the heights of your caricature journey!

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