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Behind The Scenes

“ Your money back if I don’t make you smile! ”
- Adam Chua

Caricatures and cartoons are one of the greatest forms of human communication. They bring that much-needed spark of light to our dull, humdrum lives. Some say a picture is worth a thousand words, but we’d say a caricature is worth a thousand pictures! Such is the power of caricatures and cartoons, and we love every day we get to keep creating them. The only thing we might love more is finding other people who’d like to create with us, so message or call us at any time and we’ll respond immediately!

Behind The Scenes

Our Satisfied Customers

Don’t just take it from us; take a look at what our satisfied customers have to say!

  • "

    I had Adam teaching more than 50 staff members of my team how to draw caricatures at a global team building event via ZOOM (people from 12 different nationalities were present). It was great fun:

    We really learned how to draw faces/ caricatures and it was fun because we got a lecture on cultural differences and how to draw people from different cultures. Highly recommended!

    Carola Wagner-Schonherr
  • "

    We did a big scale caricature event for close to 30 families. It was done entirely on Zoom. Received feedback from families that it was a fun and pleasant experience. Thanks to all the artists for helping us to create a long lasting memory

    Simon Lee
  • "

    The artwork was filled with creativity and fun! Great work Adam! And thank you for the hard work and quick turnaround despite the busy Father’s Day season.

    Sijia Goh- Asia Paciifc Brewery Singapore
  • "

    Awesome! People are already freaking out over your art here (USA)!

    Dawn Kuenzi- Google USA
  • "

    Adam and team has been very accommodative throughout the process.They take time to understand what is require at the start and will use their creative skills to formulate the story. We are very happy with the outcome.


    Jun Rong- Video Producer
  • "

    Grateful thanks Adam. Everyone was happy. You worked beyond the time!

    Eileen Magnus- Flutes restaurantc/o 2nd Chapter Pte Ltd
  • "

    The two artists were fast and efficient. They completed our shop display of 3m by 1.5m wall with manual black inking within 2 hrs. KUM SIA!!!:-)


    Sebastian Tan- Vlux Pte Ltd
  • "

    All of us really enjoyed the virtual caricature workshop and learn something new yet interesting!  We would definitely recommend to our friends and relatives.

    Rahul Gokhale- Director
  • "

    Very helpful and superb artwork produced. Lots of great ideas and super creative . Thumbs up. 6 stars !!!

    Toh Chao Kun- Singapore Airlines
  • "

    We will take both choices. These look so great. Totally her and she loves those white boots, so got that completely right too!

    Sree Snigdha- Head Human Resources@Agrocorp
  • "

    After seeing some disheartening samples of caricature for a team of colleagues from other local websites, I was apprehensive and insisted on emphasising my point for fun and creativity to They were professional to reassure me with confidence by doing a one time sketch over zoom within 5 minutes to produce the result I wanted. The final artwork was way more than I expected. On top of that, they even animated my caricature to make me smile even more.

    Karen Lee- Airport Terminal Services
  • "

    I am absolutely grateful for the top-notch service you have given to us. Every piece of request given to you will be completed with your utmost creativity. Most importantly you have a great attitude and positivity toward your customers.

    Valerie Lim
  • "

    Adam, this was such a great session! The team had a wonderful time. Thank you so much for teaching us new skills and bringing your positive energy to the group.  Many thanks and take care – I assume I’ll hear from you on how to pay!

    Christina Gaehl @ Google APAC

What We Offer

  • Corporation & Community

    Looking for a creative way to make your corporate or community event more memorable? Let’s have a chat about how our art activities and tours can entertain your guests and give them unique mementos to take home to remember the occasion! Whether it’s a casual event, or even something as official as a formal art workshop in Singapore, we’ve got the skills to keep your crowd in high spirits.

  • Classes and art workshops in Singapore

    Art isn’t a secret talent to be hidden; it needs to be shared to flourish. We’ll share the tips and tricks we use to create eye-catching artwork through a set of easy-to-follow and fun classes! We could even organise larger sessions if required, such as a school comic workshop or a cartoon workshop for a community of adults, to benefit a wider audience. The more the merrier!

  • Caricatures

    Caricatures take a step beyond simple cartoons by capturing the most prominent features and habits of a person with a whimsical twist, and they are  sure to brighten up anyone’s day! From live events or logo caricatures to custom-made gifts for friends and loved ones, you can rely on one of our hand-drawn caricatures to spice things up, whether on paper, or on porcelain, fabric, or a keychain – your imagination is the only limit. These illustrations are sure to stand out and leave a hearty mark on your audience, whether they are  young, or just young at heart!

  • CG Animation

    Need a digital artist or voiceover talent for your CG animations? You can trust us to bring the zing to your production! Our professional artists are always ready to help you complete any 2D work and create high-quality 3D assets within those tight deadlines. Just give them a minute to fuel up on coffee, and they’ll be good to go!

  • Cartoons

    Cartoons are a great way to convey a message or inject a bit of humour and flair to your print publication, logo, blog, or website! Get in touch with us and let’s discuss how we can help you bring your ideas to life. We also conduct art workshops in Singapore, as well as online caricature classes, in case you’re looking for a way to give your inner artist the space to shine!

  • Comics

    Our comic artists can bring out the vividity of the characters in your memory with visual storytelling techniques. Whether you’re looking back at a fond moment in time, such as a memorable courtship or emotional wedding proposal, or just making light of a colleague’s awkward first day at the office, we’ll help you put together the script, dialogue, and sketch, and pick the ideal art style to suit your message. Our cartoons are also suitable for creating more engaging corporate communications, such as cartoon brochures or posters on safety and operating procedures, etc.

  • Caricatures at Events

    If you’re hosting an event and want to add some unique flair that will remain in your guests’ minds long afterwards, get in touch with us for live caricatures at events. One of our caricaturists will set up a stall or booth at your venue, where your guests can learn about this art form and pick up some skills, or pose for a caricature of themselves! These caricature event features have proven to be a big hit at events of all scales, from school batch parties to corporate functions, especially due to the personalised touch they provide. Not only will your guests have something to talk about – they will also be able to take home a piece of artwork that’s one of a kind!

  • Individual Caricature Courses

    Do you have a knack for being witty? Or perhaps you’ve always wanted to sharpen your skills with pen and paper? Caricaturist is the right place to help you make your talents shine! Get in touch with us and we can arrange one-on-one caricature courses to ensure you master this quirky and intriguing art form. For those with busy schedules, we also offer online caricature classes, so you can learn from the comfort of your home when you have the time. We maintain quite flexible schedules for our online caricature classes, too, so don’t hesitate to reach out to us to set up a lesson plan that’s best for you.

Our Track Record

While we always try to keep things light-hearted, we’ve had the chance to work with some real industry heavyweights. Take a look at our portfolio for a glimpse of the wide range of work we’ve engaged in over the years!

Frequently Asked Questions

Is cartoon art “real” art?

As cartoonists, we might have had to face this question a few too many times! However, when it comes to art, who decides which art is “real” and which is not? Is your favourite pop song any less artistic than a jazz musician’s solo performance? Art is about passion and expression, and we believe that as long as you are being true to yourself in your expression, then you are creating art. What’s more, if you’re bringing smiles to people’s faces, then you’re having a very real positive impact on the world, which is what art is all about!

What’s the difference between a cartoon and a caricature?

While cartoons are drawings that typically depict a situation, caricatures are all about capturing the essence of the subject being drawn. From a pointy nose, to a stiff upper lip, a talented caricaturist will pick up and exaggerate prominent features to showcase the subject’s personality, and inject some humour, of course! And why stop there? Some artists will even incorporate the subject’s hobbies and quirks into the caricature, especially when it’s intended as a gift.

What degree do I need to become a cartoonist?

While a professional cartoonist typically completes a four-year arts degree to master their unique style, this isn’t the only way to get there. If you’re passionate about drawing, you can hone your skills by practicing and reading the right books and guides. However, if you want to take things to the next level and work with digital media, some technical know-how is essential. That’s where art workshops in SIngapore come in handy. Attend one to figure out your approach and learn from the best in the business. Let’s get drawing!

How can I learn to draw caricatures?

Unlike cartoons, caricatures require a keen eye to spot the most prominent features of a person and then amplify or tone them down in your artwork, while keeping their likeness intact. It’s all about finding the perfect balance, and like any other art form, practice makes perfect. Why not start by attending one of our cartoon workshops for caricatures, or signing up for our caricature course? You’ll learn to identify those unique features and bring them to life on paper like a pro. Get ready to amaze your friends and family with your new talent!

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